The Rite Stuff

Loopwheel Pocket Tee - White


The Loopwheel Pocket T-Shirt, made in Japan by John Lofgren & Co.

A new take on a modern classic whose history stretches back to the early 1900s, when the US Navy issued T-shirts as undershirts, to World War II when sailors wore them as outerwear, and the ensuing craze back home for this new casual look.

The Rite Stuff Pocket T-shirt is made with mid-to-heavy weight loopwheel, tube knit fabric knit in Wakayama, Japan, at one of the world's two remaining loopwheel knitting factories. The specially made fabric undergoes no tension during knitting, resulting in a soft but strong fabric, and is among the best T-shirt material made today. The pocket is inspired by the work shirts made by Reliance Mfg. Co. of Chicago starting in the 1910s. The slightly heavier fabric makes it perfect as a layer on cooler days, or as a substantial standalone on warmer days. 

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