Bona Fide Pomade

Beard Ointment - 2 oz.


BEARD OINTMENT is a unique blend of natural oils packed with nutrients and vitamins that moisturizes your skin and conditions your beard.  Bona Fide's unique formula will penetrate the thickest of beards, reaching down to the skin and eliminating that dreaded "beardruff" problem.  Say good-bye to itchy, unruly beards and that flaky stuff on the neck line of your favorite tee.  With a hint of Bona Fide's trademark citrus scent under your beak, you'll take on the day knowing your beard is looking sharp.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Pop the cap and squeeze off a quarter-sized amount of BEARD OINTMENT into the palm of your hand.  Massage into your beard and skin and get on with your day.  It's that easy.

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