Caring For Your Leather Goods

Leather goods, whether they’re belts, wallets or bags, are an investment. Luckily, caring for your leather is minimal, fairly inexpensive and can keep your leather goods looking even better as they age.

Here at Clever Luck, we believe that a beautifully aged bag is even more desirable than something brand new. Breaking in your product means it is uniquely yours, showing the history of the places you’ve been and the life you’ve lived. In order to keep your bags looking even better as they age, we’ve compiled a handful of our most useful care tips below.

Tip 1. Consider Waterproofing

If you intend to use your bag for traveling, outdoor use, or even just want to protect from everyday accidents, consider waterproofing. There are plenty of options for leather waterproofing, but we recommend mink oil for our bags. This also helps your bag age evenly and prevents water stains from altering the look and durability.

Keep in mind that all products we sell here at Clever Luck are made with Wickett and Craig harness leather, and are naturally water repellant on their own. There’s no need to add additional waterproofing until your bag begins to show signs of age, or spends extended amounts of time in wet outdoor climates.

Tip 2. Use Proper Storage

Our bags are delivered in canvas dust bags. This isn’t just for packaging or dramatic effect - it prolongs the storage life of your purchase. If you plan on storing your leather goods for any lengthy amount of time, protect them from dust, moths and climate by storing them in the dust bag. A pillow case or any type of cloth bag works just as well. It is also advised to store your bags upright, stuffed with cloth or paper to help keep its shape.

 Tip 3. Allow Water Stains to Dry Naturally

In the event that something does spill or stain your bag, don’t use forced heat to dry the leather. That means staying away from hairdryers and radiators - always allow the leather to air-dry. Forced heat can weaken the leather and cause it to crack, shortening its life and dramatically effecting its durability.

Tip 4. Test Waxes, Sprays and Oils Discreetly

Before going the whole nine yards to moisturize or protect your bag, check in a discreet area to see how the formula reacts to your bag. Some cheaper sprays and products can darken the leather unpleasantly, or alter the color of your leather. Of course, we recommend using those with all natural ingredients and waxes, like Smith's Leather Balm. Which leads us to our next tip...

Tip 5. Use A Conditioner

The best way to remove scratches and keep your bag in good shape is simply to moisturize. At the end of the day, leather is skin, and needs to be cared for accordingly. Try neatsfoot oil, Smith's Leather Balm or Otter Wax to keep your bag healthfully moisturized and looking its best. 

Smith's Leather Balm


Our bags come with a lifetime guarantee, so if something breaks or goes wrong, send it back and we’ll fix or replace it free of charge.

But most importantly, remember that wear and tear means you are adding value to your bag - without you, it can't reach its full, beautiful potential. Every day you live your life with a product mans it is uniquely yours - and that's something to celebrate. 

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